Update On Album

So just to give everybody a brief summary on what has been going on with the album. We are on week 9 of are Radio Promotion. In that time we were able to get placement on the Americana Charts. We didn't make the top 40 but we were on there for several weeks. The album is currently beeing played on 55 radio stations across America and who knows how many internet ones across the globe. It has had several positive reviews. In an attempt to make (Tell It lIke It Is) more Radio Friendly. We have shortened the song. So there is now a version available to Radio we understand now that they can't play a song that long. So it is up on are social networking sites and available. Thanks again for all the support this far and we are back in the studio working on new material. Taking what has been learned this far and using the positive critism to make the music better for all!!! Thanks Troy