Traveling Shoes

 The last year has been filled with airports and hotels. Trying to keep up with my music has been challenging. Sometimes I think I will awake and all the creativity will be gone. Sometimes it goes for months and months and wonder where it has gone. But I realize that I'm constantly building in the subconscious  another project. Currently I'm working on the layout of a couple different albums. They have been planned in my mind for a while now just trying to make them happen is the challenge. But I have had a couple breakthroughs in the last few days. So things are looking up and I know that once I head down a road I'm like a snowball. I will just keep building and building. And yes I will stumble and fall but I set the bar low. And I have learned that in order to win you have to lose many games. Knowing your own weakness's will inevetiably make you stronger. This will give the edge on those who rest on there laurels. Those who have made a name for themselfs and think they can stop there. To be humble is to say the least in my opinion the only way to move forward. I suppose there are many out there that don't feel this is true. But I have found it works for me and I am ok with it. I hope you enjoy the music that we have given the world thus far. And Im really excited for whats next to come!!