Press Release

March 1, 2011

Troy Lindsey releases Ride Across The Sun
(Troy Lindsey, Americana/Singer Songwriter)

"Troy Lindsey is the epitome of a rolling stone, or perhaps a wandering prophet...He has seen a lot of the world, and the bent shape it’s in, and his soulful response is what drives his music...Kristen's voice is much more than just an added feature--definitely leaves you wanting to hear more.” - The Jeonju Hub

Troy Lindsey embodies the spirit of a traveler. As a helicopter mechanic who also trains individuals to fly, Troy has seen the world numerous times over and the current state of the world is the topic for much of his latest release – Ride Across The Sun.
Ride Across The Sun is the followup to Troy Lindseyʼs debut album – Out of Time For People Without Time – the majority of which was recorded in a hotel room in Jeonju, Korea. Troy’s most recent release, Ride Across The Sun, was recorded at Resonant Audio Studios in Seattle and features the angelic vocals and ethereal harmonies of Troyʼs daughter Kristen McCamey. Kristenʼs star shines brightly throughout the album, particularly with her pristine and haunting backing vocals on the title track. Kristen's lead vocals make the duet “Tell It Like It Is” the highlight of the album.
Troyʼs musical influences include BOB DYLAN, TOM PETTY, THE ROLLING STONES, and TOM WAITS, and like each of the above, Troy is a skilled storyteller with his own distinctive style on songs such as “Lonely Town” and “Ninth Life.” Troy penned the album’s title track in a Santa Fe hotel room immediately after receiving word of his friendʼs untimely death. The raw emotion that Troy felt at the time resonates clearly throughout the lyrics and vocal performance of “Ride Across The Sun,” making it a very touching tribute and fitting title track.
From being taught how to play guitar by a Wyoming preacher and traveling the world over, to recording an album with his talented daughter and suffering a deep emotional loss, Troy Lindsey’s experiences are exquisitely captured on Ride Across The Sun, making it a must-hear album and a gratifying journey from beginning to end.